»Tamandua - the mission to develop a mass costumizable design system for furniture«
2019-03-03, 16:45–17:05, Maker Stage

Since 2012 I am developing as a side job a design system based on a timber joint and structural pattern of equilateral triangles. The core is a algorithm made with Grasshopper and Rhinoceros 3D. Between the challenge of creating the algorithm and resolving practical problems linked to carpenter's work, some progress has been made during the last years. The final aim is a IT-based-system to produce mass customized design objects.

I would like to present my enterprise and one of its final products (which is still in development) to a larger audience. Even 15 min minutes may be enough and I will try to keep the presentation entertaining. The path of development of the last years, including some failures and blind alleys, maybe interesting for other makers and a larger public. The final aim and product, I would like to achieve at the end of the development will be presented and even questioned. I am interested to get some feedback from the audience to help me to o on with the development.