»10 Top-Tips on how to build your hardware prototype faster and better!«
2019-03-02, 16:00–16:40, Future Zone

Over the last few years, we built a lot of hardware prototypes for our electric scooter. We would love to share a few things with you we learned to make better prototypes.

No matter if you are a maker yourself or want to bootstrap your crazy idea in your startup, at some point you will need to build a prototype yourself. Of course, it is great to have tons of features and perfect materials but most of the time you are probably running on a tight budget and need to be quick at the same time.

Over the last two years we produced a number of prototypes of our electric scooter to test the technology and to pitch our startup to investors. Our protoype was always convincing to people and helped us a lot. We have tried a lot of methods and processes and want to share our experiences so that you do not have to do the same mistakes as we did!